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Secrets of Deathly Hallows BookCovers
Written by Suman barua



In the following editorial,I am observing each of the Book Cover Art specifically and speculating or trying to understand what they be signifying.

Lets Start with the Bloomsbury Adult Edition

Now, the most prominent feature is the Locket of Salazar Slytherin, which is proved by the "S" symbol enraved with green emerald/diamond. Though many wouldn't have noticed but this locket dates back to chapter "The Noble and the Most ancient house of Black" in Order of the Phoenix.

This is the same locket for which they crusade to the cave and find the fake horcrux. According to the book, the original locket was taken away by R.A.B. who is speculated to be Regulus Arcturus Black. But now, it clearly specifies that the book is obviously about horcruxes and that the locket is still to come in the light.

*Many of us including me had assumed that it has been successfully destroyed by RAB but it isn't confirmed in the books so its something we have to wait for.*

Next we come to Bloomsbury Children Edition

This cover is something i am extremely curious about. My first impression was that this must be a 'not-so-important' event of the book. If you look back at all the Uk bookcovers till now, they haven't been much revealing about the story, *Harry in front of hogwarts express...In ford Anglia...on buckbeak...Hungarian horntail...Phoenix pic...Fire Shielding from Inferi...*  Of course they are not negligible events, but they dont link directly to the story as such, but American ones do (which I will discuss later).

Now, the startling thing I noticed is that if u zoom on Harry's right shoulder, you can see an house elf holding Godric Gryffindor's sword.
If your brain would have taken you to Chamber of Secrets, then its natural. Given that, the sword and an house elf both occurred the first time in Book2, the house elf is bound to be DOBBY.

" OH MY GOD! What on earth is Dobby doing holding Godric's Sword and with the trio?" This was my reaction when I noticed it for the first time.
If we agree that this is Dobby, then it gives us multiple possibilities.

First of all, I guess the trio are in some adventure...and then Dobby comes to rescue them or something. But one more thing that we  can argue on is why a treasure? Whose is it? Why is it there? Well, there can be a possibility that an horcrux might be hidden inside Gringotts?
* Now, now. we have to let our imaginations run wild*

Stressing on the Treasure point, why do they look so utterly horrified in there? I wont be terrorized by Gold. Will you?

Bloomsbury Back cover is up next

Hogwarts castle with light glowing at all rooms clearly tells us that the school will re-open again!
The full moon shows clear relation with Remus Lupin or Greyback!
The side covers show Harry's Patronus and a crystal ball with possibly nagini inside it!
Well, the Half blood prince's side cover had the unbreakable vow so even this is something important for sure!
(thanx to Navagat for pointing these out)

Now lets turn towards American Editions

This is the Hardback edition.

Spectacular isn't it? No i am not talking about the beauty of the art, i am rther trying to focus on something invisible both Harry and Voldemort are trying to reach.

But before that, lets try to visualise the background. Its no wonder a face-to-face scene/duel between Harry and 'Dark-Lord' In some place like a Colosseum (a fighting arcade).
And you cant help noticing the many many hooded figures in the background, standing far away like audience. But then, there are also two curtains on either side, may be just for the side in-covers.
This scene definately stresses on the face-to-face interaction between the hero and the villain and mind you, this has to be an important part of the story, like the previous book covers by Mary GrandPre *On Broom...coming out of Chamber of secrets...on triwizard The circular room in department of mysteries...*

Lets move to the very Recent Deluxe Cover

Now this is something very very revealing...

This Dragon reminds me of Hungarian horntail...what about you?
The three seem to be going somewhere...may be Godric's Hollow...

If you remember, at the end of half blood prince, we were told that the trio will go to burrow and from there set out for godric's hollow which is supposedly a village. Now, where can they get a hungarian horntail from? Does Charlie Weasley come into your mind? Oh yes, he is a dragon keeper and ofcourse will be attending Bill and Fleur's Wedding. So I guess the trio gets the Dragon somehow from Charlie.

The sunset is really picturesque and leaves us again with many head-breaking questions!

HPearth is an unofficial fan site and is not  affiliated with J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing or Warner Bros. Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrighted material are the property of their respective owners. Layout Made by Suman Barua., art Copyright of Mary Grandpre, Warner Bros. and Scholastic Plc. is a copyright of Harsh Sadhvani and Suman Barua. Any use of our site illegally is strictly prohibited.

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